Private Investigation by Progressive PI

Why Choose Progressive Investigation?

  1. Licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services by the State of California.
  2. Fully insured and/or bonded with client as a named insured.
  3. Twenty (20) plus years of investigative experience in the fields of Workers’ Compensation, Criminal, Civil and Domestic.
  4. Extensive experience appearing at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards, Federal, Municipal and Superior Courts, as well as appearing before the Grand Jury.
  5. Maintains suitable experience and continued training.
  6. Ability to provide “RUSH” service upon request with contact or other appropriate action within 24 hours.
  7. Investigators will act professionally honoring commitments to the claims administration staff.
  8. Investigations shall be based upon issues determined by claims examiners or clients.  Investigators will perform only the work authorized.
  9. Investigators documentation of work shall be complete and timely.  A sample format of the investigative report is available.
    1. Initial Report of Routine AOE/COE or Criminal investigations (provided verbal and or written) are required in 14 workings days after assignment.
    2. After initial report, status reports are required each 30 days until the assignment is completed.
    3. Verbal or telephone notification of unusual circumstances, recommendations, for further investigation, or identification of additional case issues, will be promptly made to the claims examiner.
  10. The clients ability to access surveillance video as well as all reports online on our Website, as well as via Email.

Investigators will receive specific orientation from the client outlining special problems, key personnel to contact, and other protocols. Prior to entering client premises, investigator shall make telephone appointments with the persons they intend to see.  If an employee is interviewed on client premises about his or her claim, arrangements will be made through the employee’s supervisor.  The investigator must provide the following information:

  1. Identify the employee.
  2. Identify the type of claim.
  3. Specify the information needed.
  4. Schedule the appointment.

The following generic format will be utilized:

“My name is Tommy Dorsey of Progressive Investigations.  We have been requested by our client to gather information on the Workers’ Compensation claim of John Doe.  Mr. Doe, who is employed as a cashier, has filed a stress and strain Workers’ Compensation claim.  The injury occurred during the period of September 1994 through September 1995.  Please identify those individuals capable of assisting me in thoroughly investigating this claim.  Those persons would include supervisors, managers, administrators, co-workers, etc.  A decision must be made on the validity of this claim at the earliest possible date.  Thus, I would appreciate your cooperation in facilitating the scheduling of an appointment to meet with the witness(s) as soon as possible.”

Investigators will be fully apprised of pertinent case issues for investigation, the nature of the client internal procedures and be properly qualified to deal with client’s special issues.  Further, investigators are to be thoroughly familiar with pertinent WCAB issues, such as AOE/COE, initial aggressor, intoxication, stress, causation and Labor Code Section 4850.

Key elements of recorded statements will be briefly summarized in narrative reports.  Complete statements will be transcribed upon request.

Surveillance will not be conducted unless a proper activity check occurs first.  If the subject is inactive as determined by the activity check, surveillance shall be suspended until some probability of activity is found.  Ongoing communication is maintained with claims staff.

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